Project #2

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1. A tentative title
- The Immune Commune
2. The project
- This project is to erect a multi-purpose building as a means to enhance the resilience of vulnerable society in the face of disasters.

'Disasters are a complex mix of natural hazards and human actions.'

- At Risk: natural hazards, people's vulnerability and disasters (2004, Wisner et al)

Even if Laos is one of nations suffering from natural disasters such as floods in the last 15 years, the capacity building in many villages should be enhanced to withstand it or recover from it.

This project is not only to create a solid building protecting the villagers from natural hazards, but also to provide Integrated activities, such as an education in the solid building for the enhancement of The capacity building.

Namely, we will be building a multi-purpose house which is firm enough to withstand natural hazards in parallel with making the villagers themselves have the capacity to get over disasters through a way of integrated activities.

'Resilience refers to the ability of human settlement to withstand and to recover quickly from any plausible hazards.
Resilience against crises not only refers to reducing risks and damage from disasters (i.e loss of lives and assets), but also the ability to quickly bounce back to a stable state.'

-UN habitat-

A feature of the building we propose will be the synthesis of modern construction method with traditional Laos's house so that it will be not only structurally sound, but also blending in with the villages.

This place can be A shelter, and a refuge when disasters occur, but it will usually be a space in which the villagers will receive an education and job training.

The enhancement of the resilience of vulnerable communities is the prime aim of this project.