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Luminous Action OrganizatioN will support to resolve the environmental issues in developing countries.

The reduction of Greenhouse gas is a crucial part of environmental issues for next generation.
With this, Luminous Action OrganizatioN will operate the project 'Replace Lights Bulbs with LEDs to Protect the Environment' in India, particularly in Odisha state.

Odisha state is one of the poorest area in India.
Despite moderate GDP growth rate between 2010 and 2013 , in 2011, GDP per Capita of Odisha state was 36923 Rupees and this ranked 27th state of 30 states.

Moreover, according to UNDP (2011), HDI ranking was 22 out of 23 which index value was 0.362 in 2008.
This indicates that Odisha state need more support for development and they would be vulnerable to environmental issues such as climate change and natural disaster risk.

Therefore, Luminous Action OrganizatioN will have a cooperation with local NGOs in Odisha and would like to contribute improving local people's capacity against environmental issues.

The aim of this project is to reduce greenhouse gas and emission levels in Odisha through saving electricity at a household level.

LED bulbs can help to save electricity at a household level and this also can save their income.

Eventually, the saved income would support to improving local people's expenditure strategies and livelihood strategies.

Therefore, Luminous Action OrganizatioN will support to change their normal bulbs to LED bulbs in positive way and supervise thisproject with a cooperation of local NGOs in Odisha states.

Luminous Action OrganizatioN has a plan to operate this project with 10 to 20 villages (Hamlet level) in Odisha states with local NGOs in 2014.

This project will support to improving local people's capacity against environmental issues and reducing emission level as well.

Initial Finding:

Most local people use 100 W incandescent light and that consume lots of electricity,
with the end result being huge electricity bills.

Expected Outcome:

If we change their bulbs to 7 W LED bulbs, locals will save electricity and money;
and reduce carbon emissions.

This means that they would participate in CO2 emission reduction programme and
their quality of lifecan be improved because they could save more money through
saving electricity bill.