Who we are

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We are an international non-governmental Organization founded in 2013, focusing on building resilience capacity in Asia.
We use our capacity to challenge vulnerability to natural hazards and socially, economically, and politically marginalized people.

We find out what people are doing and help them to do it better. We help people can build their capacity against natural hazards and any
kinds of marginalization.
Transforming their lives and strengthen their capacity are our priority. Because that's how real change happens- locals, communities,
for whole societies.

Our head office is in Bangkok and we found Bangkok is the best place to support surrounding countries with our projects.
We also have local offices in Laos and South Korea to support our projects.


  1. We aim at creating and developing experimental and innovative thoughts
  2. We cooperate with the public and locals
  3. We share the progress with all the people, and help the people to experience the change from our projects


Be better together

  • Transparency
    We open all our financial reports to the public.
    You can check all the progress of the projects and use of your money.
  • Identifying Local’s needs
    We carefully listen local’s voice and we try to identify what they want.
    We work with locals, thus they will build their own resilience capacity.
  • Innovative and Experimental Idea
    We welcome innovative and experimental idea.
    The idea will be integrated into our projects and we offer the best possible projects to locals.
  • Keep neutrality
    All the people is equal, therefore we communicate with people without considering any economic, social, cultural, political, even religious issues.

Transparency and Accountability

We consider transparency and accountability as the most important to our people.

We have the correct vision and specified mission for local communities.
We publish the annual financial report and show it to the public.

Luminous Action OrganizatioN believes that we serve the public who want to help the poor and marginalized.

Our Challenge is yours and shares our value with the public.