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People's Action to build resilience capacity

We are always facing the challenges, so we are changing.
We are moving from just fighting against the impact of natural hazards-to working for building resilience capacity to locals have better

Our strategy focus on four different areas

Education for All
Climate Change
Disaster Risk Reduction

The four progrmmes are united under the name
'Building Resilience Capacity' and operate in local communities:

Laos PDR

We focus on four key areas, and operate them in three countries so far.

Our strategy is not focusing on one issue from the impact of natural hazards;
we try to make balance among all above issues.

Four key areas are essential for building resilience capacity in local communities.
Our plan is to mix up all the issues and integrate into the context of building resilience capacity.
We always think locals at first and find out what they need, and then offer the best solution to communities.

We communicate with locals at first and consider their needs.